Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Joking Matter

According to Google Analytics, about 20% of the people who view this blog find it by googling the words “Dyslexia Jokes” and then viewing the similarely named post that I made on June 15th. Well, if it is jokes you people want, it is jokes you shall recieve.

I have desided to start posting a “joke of the day” at the end of each of my normal blog postings. I will likely continue to only blog 2 or 3 times a week, so there wont really be a joke every day, but I’m calling it that anyway. I do have to confess that I listed pretty much every single dyslexia joke that I know it that earlier post, so I’m going to have to repeat them if I want to list more dyslexia jokes. I’ll start though by sharing a few engineering jokes, math jokes, ect. I figure as long as I’m making fun of myself it probably doesn’t matter to much what aspect of my personality I’m poking fun at.

So to begin. Here is my favoirte engineering joke.

What is the difference between an extroverted engineer and an introverted engineer?

An extroverted engineer looks at the other persons shoes while talking to them.

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