Monday, September 14, 2009

Short Attention Span Vacation

My father is the most hyper active person I know. When you look the word ADHD up in the dictionary, you will probably find a picture of my dad. Given his limited attention span and boundless energy, my family has mastered the art of marathon paced vacations. When my parents go to a museaum it is always the same routeen. My dad runs through the entire museam as fast as he can while my mom exams the contents of the opening exibit. Once he has seen everything, my dad comes back and tells my mom which exibits are best. My mom then goes and inspects my dad’s recomendations, while my dad does two or three more laps around the museaum.

I have never actually sprinted though a gallery of fine art, but I do tend to pack a lot into my travels. I like looking at everything, I just refuse to read plaques and signs, so it doesn’t take me as long to take everything in. This past weekend, I didn’t go to any museaums, but I did have a proper short attention span vacation. I went camping on the coast of the Straight of Janifuca on Washington’s Olympic ponisela. The campground I stayed at was very beautiful, my camp site was right on the water. But I did a lot more than just sit around in my tent during the 48 hours I was away from home.

In one weekend I: attended a wooden boat show in Port Townsend, wandered the tourist strip of both Port Townsend and Port Angeles, toured a lighthouse, hiked along the top of Huricane Ridge in Olympics National Park, hiked along the shores of Cresent Lake in Olympics National Park, drove through the town of Forks, failed to see any vampires, and walked along the beach of both the Pacific Ocean and the Straight of Jan Defuca. It was a fun weekend. I was traveling alone with my husband, but I have a feeling if I had invited my parents my dad would have approved.

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Anonymous said...

I approve. Mom says I have two speeds, fast and stop. When I am at stop, am I still ADD? Dad