Sunday, April 19, 2009


I was recently given a booked titled "Are You a Geek? 10^3 Ways to Find Out". The fact that I went on to spend several hours taking the Geek Quiz in the book should answer the question of my geekdom in and of itself. The results were quite conclusive. According to the book I am a geek. As such it is safe to speak to me, but they don't recommend making eye contact. My score was 937. To be classified as a geek one needs a score between 300-1000. If I had earned 74 more points I would have claimed the title of ubergeek. The book recommeds limiting all communications with ubergeeks to email.

In a way I wish I'd meraculously achieved a score of 2000 points so I could claim to be a nerdmeister general. I do like the sound of that title. Unfortunately, I wasn't bullied enough as a child. I can't speek clingon, and I have never had a sexual fantisy about any characters from Highlander. So I'm just a regular old geek. The nerdmeister general title is reserved for people who play dungions and draggons and avoid bathing.

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