Saturday, May 9, 2009

How Do You Spell Hypocondriac

There is a reason I haven't blogged for a while. I was stuck in bed with swine flu. Although I'm feeling much better now, so I must have a really strong imune system.

I am a bit of a hypocondriac. I typically assume that I have a rair disease every time I feel a bit under the weather. Perhaps I need to stop watching "House". It is a great TV show, but it also fuels me with lots of new ideas about diseases I might have.

When I got sick last week, I really never thought that I had swine flu. I got super tired while I was at work - literatly falling asleep at my desk. So I went home. Most of my co-workers joked it was swine flu when I was leaving. When I got home, my husband started oinking at me. But I did a little research on the internet and saw that I really didn't have very many of the swine flu symptoms.

I was extreamly fatigued, I had a slight feaver, I was nausious, and felt super light headed. Sleeping 16-18 hours a day for five days and taking lots of vitamins did make me feel much better. So it may have just been some virus other than H1N1, or it could have been stress, or it could have been anemia, or it could have been some rair desease like they feature on "House".

Last week wasn't the first time I had displayed these symptoms, so I didn't even have to research them to know what diseases I could have. I desided Adisons Disease was a much more likely perpetrator than Swine Flu. While I have never had my cortisol levels tested, I have had doctors go down the list and ask me about every single symptom for Adisons Disease. Adisons disease is pretty rair though. Cancer is a lot more common. So I could have just had lucimia.

I told you I'm a hypocondriac. When I get super tired for a week right in the middle of a swine flu epidemic, my mind immediately jumps to - I problably have lucimia. Fortunately, I'm feeling much better now. So it must have magically gone into remission on its own.


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Bryan, Porsche, Mircea, and Casper said...

hey kate,
i read your post while laughing hysterically! I now can't decide which is my favorite--this post or your invisible friend post!
glad to hear you have "recovered"