Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm a very lazy person, and I pretty sure I would have died if I was born during the stone age. But my husband is a great hunter/gatherer. This past weekend was super beutiful and we headed out to the coast. I enjoyed spending time at the beach, while my husband enjoyed spending time 20 miles off shore. After two days on the water he brought three Halabit to shore. So we now have a very well stocked freezer.

I've really never gotten into fishing. I don't like salmon fishing, because I don't like waking up at 3:00 am. I don't like Halabit fishing because I get sea sick and don't want to head that far out into the ocean. I don't like clamming because digging holes is hard and I'm lazy. I can handle stergion fishing, but stergion aren't that good and eating bottom fish caught in the Willamette always feels kind of scary. Crabbing is pretty much the only form of hunting/gathering I'm willing to do.

I do like eating Halabit though. Especially the day it's caught. Mmm that's tasty. So I'm not complaining about my husbands hobby/obsession. I think it is wonderful. Just because I don't want to help, I still like to eat.

I also have a problem with gathering - ie gardening. I know that some people love working in their gardens and find is supper enjoyable/relaxing. I honestly think living in a condo that required zero yard work would be fabulous. But that is never going to happen ever - where would we park the boat.

Besides me being supper lazy, as afore mensioned, the other problem that I have with growings your own food is that you end up with to much of one think. Last summer we had an never ending supply of green beans. Green beans are my favorite vegitable. I order green beans at restarants all the time. When grocery shopping I am always excited if I can find good looking green beans in the store. But by the time we pulled the 20th pound of green beans out of our yard, I was ready for some broccoli instead.

This year I didn't do anything to help plant a garden. I told my husband I didn't want one, and that we could just buy our produce. We actually belong to a CCR that gives us home delivered organics, so driving to the store isn't even requried to get yummy fruits and veggies. But there are currently half a dozen tomato plants and god only knows how many green bean packages in my back yard. It seems the hunter/gatherer that I'm married to is one of those wierd people who enjoys doing yard work. Again, I'm not going to complain. Because as I said before, I like eating. I'm just glad I wasn't born in the stone age.

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Bryan, Porsche, Mircea, and Casper said...

Halibut?!?! YUMMY! We are coming to your place to eat! :)