Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Do you want to white wash my fence?

This past weekend I had a total Tom Sawyer experience. A little over a year ago our fence blew down in a wind storm and landed in our neighbors yard. We replaced the fallen down fence that winter but put off fixxing the still standing section until summer. Then last summer we got so busy enjoying the beautiful weather that we never finished replacing the fence. So we last weekend provided a some beautiful spring weather we opted to attack the rest of the fence.

As we were working our next door neighbors grandson walked over and asked us what we were doing. When we asked him, "Do you want to dig a hole?"

He responded, "Yeah."

The kid was ten maybe eleven years old and the post hole digger was almost as tall as he was. Yet he spent hours digging out all the post holes - a job I througly hate and was glad to pass of on an unsuspecting child. Once all the post holes were dug the kid helped me mix the concrete to set the new posts. About that time his brother and sister wandered over and wanted to help too. Before I knew it I had kids fighting over who got to do the most manual labor.

I always thought that Tom Saywer was the master of trickery, but this past weekend I realized that sometimes kids just have odd views of what classifies as entertainment. So if you want to white wash my fence drop on by, I may be able to put you to work.

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