Sunday, February 7, 2010

100 and Counting

I started this blog just over a year ago. In the past year, I’ve managed to come up with 100 posts that had little or nothing to do with spelling. Why did I ever think a blog about bad spelling was a good idea? I’m not to worried about my lack of spelling related posts, because a lot of the things that I have come up with haven’t been to horrible. I doubt anyone other than my mother has read all 100 posts. If you’re a newer follower and don’t want to go back and read all 100, here are links to my top 10.

10 – Happy Holidays: Sometimes pictures speak louder than words. And the 15 foot snowman I built last year was so cool, I’m almost willing to forgive my husband for buying that forklift.

9 – Multi-Tasking: My secret is reviled – how I listen to so many audio books.

8 – What is Dyslexia: Why read wikipidea, when you can see my definition right here?

7 – Is Listening the Same as Reading: I’ve blogged a lot about the wonderful world of audio books, but I think this post does the best job of showing my love/hate relationship with full cast audio.

6 – Being an Illiterate Author: Occationally, I’m forced to stop and notice how much of a freak I really am.

5 – The Secret of Writing: I still like to talk to my imaginary friends, what about you?

4 – How Do You Spell Your Name: I feel making it to my senior year of high school before I learned to spell my own name qualifies me for some sort of metal.

3 – Servival Skills: It’s not that hard being illiterate, you just have to know how to cope.

2 – Users Guild to Spell Check: With ten easy steps, your spelling can be as good as mine.

1 – Famous Dyslexics: The list is suprizingly long. It just goes to show, living outside the box isn’t always a bad thing.

Joke of the Day

Check out my Dyslexia Jokes post to see a complete list.

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Jonathon Arntson said...

I'm not sure if inspiring is really the right word, so I'll go with tubular.

You're tubular!