Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Library Love

I can't remember the last time I checked a "book" out of the library, but I'm guessing it probably contained more pictures than words. But that doesn't mean I don't frequent my local public library. I've just somehow convinced myself that all those books filling 90% of the space don't exist. Instead I focus solely on the audio section. Free audio books, can someone say paradice.

Between the ages of 10 and 15 I systematically listened to every audio book available at the Lake Oswego Public Library. Listening to an average of 200 audio books a year definately affected my education. It also helped me fall in love with the public library system, even if I couldn't read any of the books housed inside.

I took a eight year sabatical from audio books after I graduated from college. Somehow, I convinced myself that I'd never learn how to read for myself unless I went cold turkey on audio. Since I didn't have class related deadlines, I could labor through actually books. The process wasn't as painful as I'd expected. The love of literature sparked by all those audio books in my childhood, gave me the drive to break down and start reading.

About a year ago, I decided that enough was enough and it was time to start listening again. This decision came when I realized I'd somehow gone from listening to 200 books a year, to reading 20 books a year. If I wanted to get an idea of market trends, and important part of any writers life, I had to start listening again.

Remembering my orderly processes through the LO library goinig in alphabetical order by author, I set myself a goal of listening to every audio book available in the Hillsboro Public Library. Well, I've been attacking the library for a year now, and figured I'd give an update. In the past year, I have listened to about 70 library books. I have also listened to about 35 other books (through audio bookworm) and read about 35 books (e-book and paper). 140 books a year is pretty good. I no longer feel like a slacker.

But I'm not working through the library in any kind of systamatic order. My new found ability to read means that I can read jacket covers and reviews and try to pick out books that I think I'll actually enjoy. I currently have eight audio books checked out from the library and six more on hold.

Still there is a mild fear hiding in the back of my mind. What will happen when I get through all the books in the library? It took me about six years as a kid, and I listened to a lot of stuff that I didn't particularly enjoy. I expect it will take me two or three more years to get though all the library books I'm currently interested in. Then I'll have to haunt the new releases and/or start spending more time/money at Powell's.

What about you? Do you frequent your local library? Have you ever tried to read all the books inside?

Joke of the Day
Why is the alphabet in that order?
Is it because of the song?

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