Friday, May 7, 2010

A few Mispelled Words

I started a new blog over at last week. It’s going strong, so if you haven’t checked it out yet please do so now. And if you aren’t following it yet, but you are following me here, then definately start following me over there.

Content wize my new blog is pretty much exactly the same as this blog. Meaning it is filled with book reviews and random musings and bad jokes and other fun stuff. The only difference is that I’m running spell check on my new blog. My spelling isn’t that bad, so if felt like false advertising to have this entire blog be focussed on bad spelling.

But now that my new blog is up and running I’m getting some comments that people miss the bad spelling. So for all of you longing for errors, here is a list of words that I often have a hard time spelling correctly.









Ok, I can’t think of any other hard words. See, my spelling is practically perfect so you should just go read my properly spelled new blog.

Joke of the Day
A boy asked his teacher, "How do you spell ichael?"
"Do you mean Michael?" the teacher asked."No, I already have the M down."