Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When Life Parallels Fiction – In a Bad Way

So my current WIP is called BROKEN. It’s about a teenage girl who suffers a serious sports injury and ends up having the rest of her life fall apart as well. In the end when all the king’s horses and all the king’s men put her back together again, she’s not the person she used to be.

I’m enough of a cluts to have been hurt before. And writing about pain hasn’t been all that difficult. But I am fortunate enough to need to draw back on old memories. It’s been almost a decade since my last major life altering injury.

But last weekend, my husband broke his foot. This injury isn’t going to change his life forever. It was a clean break, and he should be fine in a month. Plus he has a desk job, so the only negative effect it will have is on his hobbies.

Still, I feel bad for the guy. He’s normally a very active person, and I know taking up perminate residence on the couch is killing him. And to make matters worse, I keep trying to harvest story ideas from him. “Okay, describe in detail exactly what if felt like when you broke your foot. How did you react? What went through your head? What were the physical reactions to the rest of your body?” Maybe I’m not the best nurse in the world.

Joke of the Day
A guy lost both his left arm and his left leg in a car crash.
He's all right now.

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