Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to the Ordanay

I had a great time in Spain and Morocco, but lets be honest, vaccation is not real life. It’s like this weird paralel universe, where lifes most troubling choices involve which museam to visit first.

I got home at 2:00 am on Saturday, January 2nd. But I didn’t return to normal life then. Instead I returned to crazy hecktic work life. Apparently my co-workers are all totally lost without me. Plus I had an enormous deadline on Tuesday, January 5th and another big deadline on Friday, January 8th. So at 11:00 in the morning on the 2nd, I got the phone call asking me when I’d be coming into work.

I worked Saturday afternoon, all day Sunday, and put in ten plus hour days every day last week. Spending every waking hour at the office did wonders for helping me get over my jetlag. But it didn’t do much to return me to reality. I’m so not a workaholic, and my reality rairly involves spending twelve hours at the office on a Sunday.

But now my projects are done. And life can finally return to normal. Over the weekend I finally found the time to unpack and do my laundry. It rained a lot while I was on vaccation, so some of my socks seriously needed washing.

I also wrote a lot last weekend. I left my laptop at home during my trip, and didn’t have time to write last week while in overworked engineer mode. But this past weekend, I added almost 10,000 words to my work in progress. I’m starting to really like my characters. I’m a total pantser and started this story with no idea where I’d be going with it. But now that I’m 40k words into the rough draft, I’m starting to make plans about my ending. I think this is gonna be a good book. I’m excited to see how it turns out.

It is a little odd though. My life has been so hectic lately, and now that everythings back to normal, I’m living in the minds of fictional teenagers. I may not be the average engineer, but I’m really happy. I’m good at my job, but I hate working overtime. Staying up all night writing stories, though. That’s pure bliss. And now that things have calmed down at the office, I might even be able to crank out another chapter during my lunch break. It’s nice being back in reality.

Joke of the Day
Why were the mathematition put 239 beans in her bean soup?
Because otherwise it would be to farty.

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T. Anne said...

Ha! That's funny. (the joke not the post ;) Congrats on adding 10K tha's 10K more than me.