Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Apparently I'm a God

Well, half god anyway. Lately I have been reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series. It is a fanticy series very much on par with Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/Narnia/etc. This particular brand of fanticy is all based on Greek Mythology. The idea is that since the Greek Gods are all imortal, they are still alive - even if nobody believes in them anymore. The same way that the gods used to shack up with mortals in the good old days they are still doing it today and creating a new group of Hercules type heros in the process.

Percy Jackson is the teenage son of Posidon and goes on lots of exciting adventures with the daughter of Athena, a satyr (half goat), and a cyclops. The books are really good. I like them even more than Harry Potter, and I was a big Harry fan a few years ago. But here is the crazy thing. In the books, all the demigods are dyslexic. It turns out the author, Rick Riordan, originally made up the stories as bedtime stories for his son. Riordan's son is dyslexic, so he gave his stories heros some of this sons personality traits. According to the legends demigods all have super intense reflexes to help them servive in battle, which leads to them all being diocnosed with ADHD. Their brains are also hard wired for ancient Greek, so they can read English very well and are labled dyslexic. The first book even begins with a warning that if you recongnize these characteristics in yourself you should stop reading, because it is better not to know the truth. So there you have it. I am a god. Well a half god really.

The problem is that dyslexia is genetic. So my dad is also dyslexic and he has the attention span of a five year old so ADHD is definately on his list of peronal traits. Does that mean my dad's the half god and I'm really only a quarter god? To make matters worse, my grandfather was dyslexic too. I don't know about the literacy rate of my great grandparents, but it is beginning to seem like I'm an eighth god at best. To bad. It would have been fun to fight a minotar on my way home from work. On the other hand, maybe I'm glad I'm not a god and I can just read about them from the comfort of my own couch.

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